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FG 300 Surface Mount Delineator Posts
The FG 300 Series is available in three models:

  • FG 300 PE - manufactured from low-density polyethylene, the FG 300 PE post is ideal for applications with average impact frequency.
  • FG 300 UR - manufactured from a durable polyurethane polymer that provides very high tensile and elongation properties with superior resistance to tearing and puncture. The FG 300 UR is the "industry Workhorse" and can sustain numerous hits at high speeds.
  • FG 300 EFX - the only surface mount post in the industry with a one-year warranty! The EFX is the "next generation" of polyurethane and is 65% stronger than the Model UR. This new breakthrough in urethane chemistry provides increased resistance to tearing. The Model EFX is the toughest post you can buy and is suitable for the most challenging applications. The new EFX post is also available with vertical panels for greater target value, nighttime visibility and improved safety.

The FG 300 Series of posts are designed to provide high performance and extreme durability, both day and night. The cloverleaf design of the FG 300 tubular marker is engineered to provide a quick and sharp rebound upon impact.
Features of the FG 300 posts include:

  • Durable enough for the toughest work zones and permanent applications
  • Self-righting T-shaped cloverleaf design
  • Quick pin system, posts install with ease
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Reduced labor costs due to extreme durability
  • Will withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Easy to install on any roadway surface using anchors, epoxy, hot melt or butyl
  • Available in various heights and nine different colors including fluorescent orange and green
  • Fixed bases are available in black or matching post colors for greater visibility
  • Flush-mount Invisi-Base and portable rubber bases also available
  • Proven durability on the NTPEP test deck
  • Conforms to MUTCD and NCHRP 350 standards

 FG 400/500 Flexible Delineator Posts

  • For roadside and median delineation, 9-1-1 and utility markers
  • Manufactured to withstand multiple high-speed impacts
  • Available in various lengths and colors
  • Available with four grades of reflective sheeting
  • Optional plastic or steel anchors
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